Department of Veterinary Research

In recent years, the growth in the supply of dairy products in order to satisfy the expanding protein need as well as the improvement of quality to promote public health has received serious international attention. Much like the use of medicinal plants has been common for human medical purposes, it has also been common in veterinary medicine for the treatment of animal diseases. Strict laws in many countries regarding drug residues in food products have encouraged veterinarians to replace chemical drugs with natural medicines and as a result pharmaceutical companies have been moving towards producing natural products. The European Union has limited the use of antibiotics as growth stimulators in poultry since the year 2000. This issue has propelled companies to work towards finding medicines with natural origins. Herbal medicines are at the forefront of alternative methods for the curing of illnesses. At the present moment, the precise production and consumption levels of herbal medicines in the world cannot be determined, but it is quite clear that the number of manufacturers of medicinal plants are on the rise. Furthermore, the growing number of companies in the field of herbal medicines is an apparent sign of the development of this industry in the world. 

Despite the enormous growth potential of the herbal medicine industry, the country has not paid much attention to the production of domesticated animal drugs with a natural origin. Such a quest needs a great deal of attention and effort by researchers and those involved in the industry. Fortunately, our country, with regards to its historical background and its diverse climatic conditions, has an advantage in the growth of medicinal plants and is able to produce a great amount of such medicines with the use of existing knowledge as well as new research and thus become a leader in the industry.

Barij Essence Pharmaceutical Co. intends to produce herbal medicine for livestock, poultry, and aquatic creatures and in this way promote public health, as food products will no longer contain chemical residues. 

Duties and Goals:

1. Conducting research projects in collaboration with other relevant centers and organizations
2. Identifying and communicating with researchers, centers, and agencies related to veterinary medicinal plants
3. Supporting and guiding research dissertations in the field of veterinary medicinal plants
4. Creating an active and constructive relationship with other scientific and research institutions and communities both within and outside of the country in the framework of rules and regulations
5. Investigating, identifying, and helping to meet the research needs of the production sector in the field of herbal medicine
6. Developing a culture of using veterinary medicinal plants
7. Providing scientific and practical training and excellent research courses in cooperation with universities
8. Organizing training courses in the field of veterinary medicinal plants
9. Cooperating in seminars and conferences in the field of veterinary medicinal plants in the country
10. Creating a database of research and activities undertaken in the field of veterinary herbal medicines
11. Cooperating with Veterinary Organization and Ministry of Agriculture in the development of a culture of medicinal plants