Department of Development and Coordination of Scientific Texts


The department of development and coordination of scientific texts has been established in order to fulfill the mission of Barij Essence Pharmaceutical Company, which is to expand communal knowledge in the field of herbal medicines as well as to promote the growth of both the quality and quantity of research in this field. In accordance to its mission, this department is responsible for publishing scientific information in the form of both printed and electronic articles, creating brochures, packaging items, translating books, responding to customer inquiries and so on. 


To create, strengthen, and promote community awareness in the field of herbal medicines
To increase both the quality and the quantity of research

Duties and Powers:

1. Determine the program and specified framework in the field of cases relating to publishable scientific information
2. Organizing and arranging of preparation and publication of scientific information regularly in the form of prints and virtual publications, such as: magazines, journals (Barij Essence Scientific Research Journal), and educational articles.
3. Publishing scientific information related to the application methods of production for cosmetics, health and beauty products.
4. Creating brochures and packaging items for cosmetics, health and beauty products.
5. Book writing, translating, and compiling.
6. Responding to customer scientific inquiries.


Reza Bekhradi, MD

Published Articles :

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  2. Fatemeh Rahimi-kian, Reza Bekhradi, Roja Rahimi, Pravin Golzareh, Abbas Mehran. Evaluating the effect of fennel soft capsules on the quality of life and its different aspects in menopausal women: a randomized clinical trial. Nurs Pract Today. 2017; 4(2):87-95
  3. Reza Bekhradi and Katayon Vakilian. The Effect of Lavender Aromatherapy on Test Anxiety in Female Students. Current Women’s Health Reviews,Volume 12, Issue 2, 1 August 2016, Pages 137-140
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